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Action Sports Netting, Inc. specializes in high quality barrier netting systems. We offer complete design services, materials and full installation for all golf courses and driving ranges.

Action Sports Netting, Inc. is raising the standard in the barrier netting industry by utilizing only the finest materials and exceeding engineering requirements, all at the lowest possible costs.

Action Sports Netting, Inc. can also provide a full array of specialty sports nets, direct impact cages, tennis courts,wind screens and visual privacy site barriers. We also offer permanent or temporary installation for all environmental protection and other industrial and commercial applications.

Custom fabricated netting allows for a much tighter installation for improved wind resistance, less damage, longer life expectancy and the best appearance. Snap hooks are ideal for both new construction and the replacement of damaged or worn netting at your existing facility.



Golf Netting - Products

Action Sports Netting, Inc. provides:

Custom Sized Netting design for your exact height and length specifications.
Perimeter Rope Bordering makes for added stability, strength and durability along with excellent aesthetic appearance.

Horizontal ribline and vertical support add additional strength and support. Confines any severe damage or act of vandalism to only one panel section at a time.

Improved Ultra Violet Rays and Climate Protection new techniques and improved materials processing have significantly enhanced maximum resistance to the damaging rays of the sun and the effects of wet and dry climate. This amounts to a longer field life.

Golf Netting - Materials

#970 Polyester Netting two inch stretch mesh long stitch knotless join color impregnated throughout fiber- UV protection. 3/8 in perimeter rope bordered with vertical and horizontal rib-lines sewin in for added support. Six year 100% warranty.

#930 Polyester Netting 1 1/8 in mesh Raschel Knotless construction -resin bonded zero water absorption- UV protection. 7-year Pro-rated warranty.

Nylon Netting up to A 4" Mesh opening. Raschel Knotless construction -resin bonded Fair Water absorption- UV protection - non dye knit high quality black extruded yarn. Five year warranty.

Golf Netting - Baseball Netting
Wood, Steel and Concrete Pole Construction

Our Steel poles are available with enamel or galvanized finish coating and are straighter, and aesthetically superior for today's more modern and sophisticated practice facilities. All Action Sports Netting, Inc. projects will meet or exceed all local building codes.

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